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Our privacy policy


Voices of Mackellar is/are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal

information that we collect, hold and administer.  Personal information is information, which

directly or indirectly identifies you (e.g. name, address, phone number, email).


The purpose of this policy is to outline to you how we will respect & manage your personal

information when you come into contact with us, e.g. as a doner, subscriber, volunteer, or

Kitchen Table Conversation (KTC) or online survey participant, on-line meeting or event.


The Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) imposes specific obligations when it comes to

handling personal information. We have adopted the following processes in the collection

and administration of your personal information to be inline with the privacy act.


We will:

  • Only collect information which is required for our primary function;

  • Ensure that you are informed as to why we collect the information and how we administer the information gathered;

  • Use and disclose personal information only for our primary functions or a directly related purpose, or for another purpose with which your consent shall be sought and received.

  • Store your personal information securely, protecting it from unauthorised access; and

  • Provide you with access to your own information, and the right to seek its correction (for requests / enquiries related to the storage and / or use of your personal information email:


We collect and administer your personal information for the following activities as follows:


1. When you make a donation to us, we will:

  • Confirm your identity as part of the initial enquiry;

  • Collect your name, address, email & phone number for record purposes & to send you a receipt

  • Provide you with information on how your donations are used (subject to your approval and at your request);

2. When you make an enquiry or register your interest with us via email or our webpage, we will register onto our database:

  • The contact details you provide us: eg name, address/email/phone;

  • Your reason for contacting us (eg enquiry, suggestion, feedback or complaint, register of interest for Voices of Mackellar event).

  • Our response to you and whether you would like further involvement/information with/from us.


3. When you subscribe to our mailing list via our webpage, KTC or online questionnaire, we will:

  • Record your contact details in our database including, name, address, email address & phone number and how you would like us to correspond with you eg via email, mobile

  • Record what you are interested in hearing about from us eg mailing list, other activities;

  • Use your contact details to update you on Voices of Mackellar activities, events, requests and the like by via eg newsletter, invitations to upcoming events.

4. When we host public events that you are invited to attend e.g. an in-person event or online forum, we will:

  • Record the contact details you provide us when registering for the event via a 3rd party ticket event provider (you will be provided an opportunity to view the ticket event provider's privacy information when registering.)

  • Have access permission rights to the registered attendee contact details as manager of the event.

  • Send you relevant information regarding your participation for the event both before and after the event.

  • Prior to connecting to an online event e.g. forum you will be advised if the online event will be recorded and whether you would like to opt in or out of having your screen activated and included as part of the recording. These types of events are typically made publicly available & promoted on our website.

5. When you request to become a volunteer via our mailing list or webpage, KTC event or online survey, We will:

  • Record your contact details in our database including, name, address, email address & phone number & how you would like us to correspond with you,

  • Record in our database how/what areas you advise Us you would like to volunteer in,

  • Record your permission to have your name & photo taken and used for Voices of Mackellar promotional materials, e.g. reports.

6. Participation in Kitchen Table Conversations-KTC (either online or in-person).

Prior to participating in a KTC you will have registered your interest to participate in Voices of Mackellar Event - KTC (see registering your interest above). We will:

  • Send you an invitation via the contact details you provided us,

  • Record your responses in the KTC anonymously and collate your responses with others to form a community report.

  • We will seek and record your permission to have your name & photo taken and used for Voices of Mackellar promotional materials e.g. reports, social media etc.

7. Participation in online surveys & questionnaires

We use 3rd party platforms to generate online surveys e.g. Survey Monkey.

  • When you access the online survey as a respondent you will have the opportunity to view & agree with the 3rd party survey platform’s privacy statement prior to commencing the survey.

  • As survey creators we will create surveys that collect responses that are anonymous but may contain requests for information on categories e.g. age band, gender and area postcode for data analysis purposes.

  • We may collect data to assist with data purity eg IP address to stop multiple responses from one individual.

  • We may collect contact details from you but it will remain independent of your survey responses. eg contact details for feedback on survey or for any contest prize incentive awarded.

We will monitor and review for any changes to the Privacy Act or our operations that may arise from time to time and revise our policy to reflect any identified changes.


Name: Sheilah Hogan

Date: 30.1.2022

Title: President

Voices of Mackellar

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