A strong democracy needs participation

We are a group of committed local residents who believe each of us can play a constructive role in how we as a community are represented.

A strong democracy is reliant upon continuing participation by the people, for the people - not just by voting but by having our voices heard and listened to beyond election day.


Drawing on the experience of similar organisations using the Kitchen Table Conversation model, Voices of Mackellar will develop a platform for community engagement which genuinely reflects our uniting values and concerns 

A summary of our KTC results will be compiled into a report and form  the basis for discussion between the community — the Voices of Mackellar — and our elected representatives and any potential candidates.


By developing this new community forum for residents, we will create a way for our values and voices to be heard, not just at election time but through ongoing engagement with the political representatives of Mackellar and the Sydney Northern Beaches community.



Inclusivity    Respect    Integrity  

The guiding values of Voices of Mackellar emphasise inclusivity, respect and integrity.


We welcome and encourage participation by all people, irrespective of political allegiance, age, or gender and provide safe supportive processes to ensure a diversity of opinions are listened to, respected and heard.


We encourage collaborative, respectful discussion.


We empower people to speak up for what they believe in, and acknowledge the courage it takes to do so.


We respect the privacy of our participants by collecting data anonymously.


We act with integrity and ensure that our behaviour is ethical, accountable, transparent, honest and respectful.