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A conversation between locals about things that matter

A Kitchen Table Conversation is a simple and powerful way for people to speak about what matters to them in a safe and comfortable environment.

Each participant gets to respond to 10 questions around the themes of community, issues and concerns and political representation. Responses will be collated anonymously and integrated into the final report and shared with our political representatives as well as candidates in upcoming elections.  See our 2022 Mackellar Matters Report here..

Why join a Kitchen Table Conversation?

It's important that our political representatives get to hear from voices in our community about what matters to us and what we expect from them as our representatives. That’s when democracy works best.

To join one of our upcoming public Kitchen Table Conversations....


More dates will be added regularly.











Why not Host your own Kitchen Table Conversation?

Bring together a small group of between 4 and 8 friends, neighbours, family, workmates or people you know from community networks. Meet at home, a cafe or wherever is easiest so long as it's quiet enough for everyone to be heard easily.  We'll provide guidance, support and all the necessary resources. For more information, email Maree:

Become a KTC volunteer.

There are many ways to help with our Kitchen Table Conversations. Maybe you'd like to be a conversation facilitator or scribe? Perhaps you are good at analysing data or creating graphics for promotions? Whatever it is, we'd love to hear from you!

Contact Maree:

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