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Voices of Mackellar Committee

Interested in joining the Voices of Mackellar Committee?  Are you keen to help people engage with their democracy by encouraging the highest standard of community consultation and political representation for the residents of Mackellar?  If this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for, please complete this Expressions of Interest form here  or, email us at



Voices of Mackellar is a non-partisan and not for profit community organisation which has been an incorporated association in NSW since August 2020. It operates in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 and the Voices of Mackellar Constitution 


As per the Constitution, the Objects of Voices of Mackellar are to:

a. Promote and expand active community participation in the processes of Democracy;

b. Encourage the highest standards of political representation; and

c. Act as a conduit for voters within the Mackellar federal electorate to:

I. Provide information to federal members of parliament and

II. Provide information to voters on relevant policy debates


The Committee:


The role of the Committee is broadly to 

  • Set a strategic plan for the coming year to help Voices of Mackellar achieve its objectives

  • Ensure the organisation is financially and legally compliant

  • Ensure there are adequate resources (financial and other) to undertake activities

  • Work to enhance the public understanding and profile of the organisation

  • Be familiar with the Constitution and its legal obligations.


Some of the activities of the Committee include

  • Attending and participating in meetings, including with parliamentarians

  • Helping to organise public events 

  • Speaking about the group at functions or to the media

  • Administrative, IT or communications tasks


Committee members must be a financial member of the Association.

Committee members need to agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct

Committee members need to act in a non partisan manner


Committee Office Bearer positions



  • Keep the organisation on track to achieve its objectives

  • Chair and facilitate Committee and general meetings so as to foster active participation

  • Act as primary spokesperson to the media and at public events

  • Oversee development and implementation of strategic plan


Vice President

  • Supports the Chair

  • Steps in to chair meetings as required



The Treasurer’s job is to keep the finances healthy so that Voices of Mackellar can achieve its objectives. This includes:

  • Keeping up-to-date records as well as an audit trail for all transactions 

  • Prompt banking of income and payment of bills

  • Liaison and compliance with banking processes (currently Bank Australia)

  • Preparing annual budget, tracking income and expenditure throughout the year against the budget and providing regular updates of financial position to Committee members.

  • Arranging pro bono audit of accounts for end of year financial report.

  • Protecting the organisation against fraud and theft, ensuring safe custody of money.

  • Recommending savings and fundraising strategies

  • Ensuring compliance with tax and reporting requirements.



The Secretary is responsible for keeping the records of Voices of Mackellar up to date. This includes:

  • Recording of minutes for Committee and General meetings

  • Preparing papers and notifications for general meetings

  • Facilitate appropriate storage of Voices of Mackellar files and database (e.g. Google Drive, CRM)

  • Keep record of Association memberships and Committee appointments

  • Facilitate communications mechanism between Committee members 

  • Other administrative tasks as required

  • Serve as Public Officer to the Association and liaison with Fair Trading NSW


Ordinary Member

  • Ordinary members of the Committee can have other specific responsibilities (e.g. marketing, media, fundraising, IT ) as appropriate


Other activities in Voices of Mackellar which need not be the responsibility of a Committee member:


Parliamentary Liaison

  • Contact person for Committee with Mackellar MP and / or staff re meeting and event coordination

  • Contact person for Committee with other elected officials whose boundaries encompass Mackellar (e.g. State MPs, local councillors or ‘duty Senators’ for the electorate)

  • Monitor media / social channels for relevant parliamentary activities and issues



  • Project manage planning and running of VOM hosted events (in person or virtual)

  • Ensure event meets VOM objectives, brand awareness, participation and financial goals

  • Enlist appropriate assistance from the Committee, volunteers and elsewhere.


Media & Communications 

Develop quality content for media (online and traditional), marketing, website and events that is consistent with our brand, mission and objectives so as to increase awareness of our activities in the electorate and boost public engagement .  See the position description here.


IT & Website

Assist with technology related activities including the organisations website, collaboration technology, CRM and file storage etc.


Plan and implement fundraising strategies such as fundraising events and securing sponsorships and/or regular donors. Developing relevant communications and processing plus collaboration with the Treasurer on income and expenditure budgets

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