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A conversation between locals about things that matter

What people are saying about Kitchen Table Conversations?

'Kitchen Table Conversations’ are simple and can be powerful when people are really able to speak up about what matters to them in a safe and comfortable environment.

Hosts invite small groups to have open conversations about what matters to them. They bring together small groups of up to eight others, but can be fewer (four plus the host is the recommended minimum). Participants might be friends, neighbours, family, workmates or people you know from community networks. They meet around a table or wherever is easiest for them. The only provisos are the place needs to be quiet enough for everyone to be heard easily and consumption of alcohol should be limited. 


The conversations are shaped around starter questions provided by Voices of Mackellar.​ Everyone is encouraged to have a say in a facilitated conversation for a couple of hours at most, focused on three themes: community, political representation and issues and concerns.  Participants’ ideas are collated anonymously and are forwarded to Voices of Mackellar to be integrated into the results with all the other conversations held throughout the electorate into a final report. The report will then be shared with our political representatives as well as candidates in upcoming elections.

Voices of Mackellar acknowledge The Victorian Women’s Trust, Voices for Indi and Voices of Warringah in creating and refining the Kitchen Table Conversation model.

Steps to hosting a Kitchen Table Conversation:

  • Firstly, you need to participate in a hosted conversation (which begin in late May 2024) so you get a better idea of the format and record keeping.

  • Contact Voices of Mackellar to Register and you will receive our KTC Resource Kit (currently being updated).

  • Set a Kitchen Table Conversation date/time in conjunction with VOM so we can provide a facilitator to guide the conversation and a scribe to take notes

  • Invite up to eight friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and other community members who live in Mackellar, to your home or other suitable venue

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