Founding Executive Committee of the Voices of Mackellar

Voices of Mackellar is registered as an incorporated association in New South Wales

under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 

Registration Number INC2000884

Leonie Scarlett


Leonie Scarlett has lived on the Northern Beaches of Sydney her whole life. Throughout her photographic career, the focus of Leonie's work has been people - at work, home, sport, family, in celebration. Leonie's ease and affinity with people  has enabled her to establish extensive connections in grassroots and community organisations in Mackellar.

Rebecca Clarke

Vice-President & Secretary

Rebecca has lived on the Northern Beaches for 25 years. She has raised her family and owned a small business in the area. Rebecca believes in the power of community as a force for good and has a Bachelor of Social Science, UNSW.

Maree Nutt OAM

Treasurer & Public Officer

Maree and her family have lived on the Northern Beaches for 25 years. A physiotherapist by profession she has spent more than 30 years as a volunteer and then CEO of a grassroots advocacy charity addressing global poverty. Maree is passionate about empowering the voices of everyday people in our democracy.